Tuesday, 22 July 2014

FLIGHTS to release HISTORY BE KIND on Scylla Records

Scylla Records is excited to announce that on Monday October 6th we are releasing History Be Kind, the brand new album from Flights. The album is available to pre-order now from the official album mini site and is available on double 12" vinyl (Limited to just 100 copies worldwide) and digital. The album will be available from iTunes and the usual download/streaming sites on the release date. Album pre-orders come with an instant download of The Ghost of Things and a full album download on day of release. 


Joel from the band had the following to say about the upcoming album:

Hi, I’m Joel from Flights. We’ve got a new album called History Be Kind coming out on the 6th of October and it’s available to pre-order today.
Flights never set out with any particular long-term plan. Our initial aim was to 'write another song by the end of next month' - a lofty ambition! I think it's fair to say that each subsequent milestone that we achieved as a band has been met with a mixture of intense pride and bemused wonder – never quite knowing how we managed to find ourselves in the position we were in. But there was a point where we decided that we were going to write, record and release an album. Not just a quick EP, or the handful of songs that we had knocking around at the time. It would be more. Something that had an ebb and flow. Something that reflected the different facets of the band, and ultimately, something that we would be truly proud of.
Most of the ingredients that make up 'Flights' are present and correct on ‘History Be Kind’. Self- indulgent seven minute songs – check, silly time signatures – check, big guitars, delay, harmonies – check check check...but I also think there's a side to us that people haven't heard before. We've tried to rein it in a little, be a bit more concise, and definitely be more direct at certain points. It's been a challenge resisting the urge to throw in the kitchen sink when a song wasn't working!
So here it is; a year of our lives distilled into a collection of ten songs. Thank you so much for still paying attention. We hope you like it!

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