Friday, 12 February 2016

ANNOUNCEMENT: Scylla Records - Ten Years in the Zoo

2016 marks the 10th anniversary of Scylla Records. Sometimes it's been wonderful, and some times it's been horribly cruel. The music industry is a zoo, but we're proud of what we've achieved, the bands we've worked with and the music that we have released over the last 10 years. Co-incidentally, our next release will be the 50th as a label and we wanted to do something a little special. We considered releasing a compilation of our last 10 years as a label, featuring all the bands from our first release (Out of Sight – Something Created By Belief) right through to our last physical release (Flights – History Be Kind) and some additional digitally releases. In the end, we decided to make a Spotify playlist for this instead! Which you can check out here

So instead, we decided to go back to our roots of pop punk, and bring them bang up to date with a compilation of some of the best UK and European pop punk bands on the circuit. So, Scylla Records presents Ten Years in the Zoo which is available now as a FREE/PAY-WHAT-YOU-WANT download from Bandcamp

We have made this compilation free with the hope of best spreading the word about the wonderful bands that are appearing on it. You can find out loads more about each of the bands, and Sarah DeRemer who has supplied the incredible image for the front cover.

Obviously, it would be wonderful if you could find it within yourself to donate a little when you download it, but if you can't, we just ask that you go to Facebook or Twitter or your social network of choice and post about the compilation. Thank you. 

Track Listing:
1) Sweet Little Machine - In God We Trust
2) The Adventures Of Litespeed - Understand
3) High Tides - Opia
4) Boy Mercury - Headspin
5) Coast To Coast - August
6) Planet Zero - Home
7) The Over Everythings - Medicate and Move On
8) Landmarks - Catapults
9) Not Today - Infinity
10) Where There's Life - Lego
11) Not Tonight and the Headaches - I Guess This is Progress
12) H_ngm_n - Stayed in the Matrix
13) Forever Unclean - Hangry!
14) Traitors! - The Boys of the Double Cross
15) Willowside Park - Atlas
16) Skyway Avenue - Battlescars
17) Tuskens - Dissolve
18) Better Than Never - Back of the Line, Kid
19) One Man Boycott - If Only You'd Stay
20) The Gospel Youth - If She's The Rope

In addition - we have made our entire back catalogue available for the one super low price of just £20.88 for the next week on Bandcamp too! That's 75% discount. If you're new to Scylla Records - this is the perfect way to explore our back catalogue. 

We also have some of wonderful things planned to celebrate this year, with new releases and hopefully one very special re-release later in the year. More news as and when it's available.

Finally, we have another announcement to make on Monday - keep you eyes and ears peeled. 

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